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October 11, 2013

This Craft Beer Bible is an infrequent review of American Craft Beers that I enjoy. Often but not exclusively, sourced from The Ship in a Bottle

Actors: Brooklyn Brewery 

Plot:  Brooklyn Brewery has rekindled this age-old recipe first utilized by industrious early American Pilgrims, who employed the plentiful root vegetable in cooking and brewing. This beer is a new, seasonal treat and the pumpkin beer does not disappoint. The beer is available from August to November, clocking up at a very moderate 5%. Brooklyn’s website recommends it as “The perfect beer for holiday dining, roasted ham and turkey, root vegetables, macaroni and cheese, mascarpone and Thanksgiving dinner.”

Conclusion: A very palatable lager with a hint of pumpkin spice. I was completely unaware of this beer style although other beers I have tried have bestowed spicy flavours which are subtle here. However the real success of Brooklyn is their ability to try new styles while always keeping it simple in ways that (much more daring but not always as pleasing) contemporaries such as Goose Island and Flying Dog* don’t.  Brooklyn Beer is the Man Utd of American Craft Beer, albeit under the Sir Alex Ferguson Era.  Other seasonal Brooklyn favourites include Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout 10% which comes to the fore around the Yuletide period.

*The Flying Dog Imperial Pumpkin Ale is a huge miss and if I would have tried that first it may have put me off the style completely. Overpowering and aniseedy & a hefty 9%.