Comedy Festival 2011: Jake Mills & James Redmond

At first glance an unlikely pairing, yet James Redmond (formerly of Hollyoaks and now various reality TV Shows) and Jake Mills (formerly a resident of the Croxteth area of Liverpool and now a resident of various local comedy clubs) make for a complimentary pairing.

James Redmond a self-professed “Z-lister” starts off the show, It is clear from his polished slightly scripted seeming performance that James has honed his comedic talents as a compare for various comedy clubs in recent times. Ironically however the best moment was an unplanned one in which James falls off the stage, which Jake later takes great delight in drawing attention to. James’ comedic style is anecdote-based drawing on his various celebrity past, in very much the cringe-inducing manner of shows such as Peep Show & The Inbetweeners. Often James is the unwelcome recipient of the public’s attention both good and bad, which makes for the basis of his act.

Jake on the other hand has a more casual comedic style, very dry and observational. Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm may notice not just a small amount of Larry David in Jake’s routine. Jake’s act can be seen as very family friendly in fact even he is aware that any type of Russell Brand-esque sexual humour would not go down well as it would be to quote Jake himself ‘unbelievable’. Jake’s self-deprecating wit and observations on modern life put him in that bracket of ever inventive comedians such as Ross Noble & co, in fact the entire routine seems very free-flowing and apart from one set-piece where Jake tries to get one over his co-star, the act seems very naturalistic throughout.


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